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ZOOM Language Program

Welcome to the tool that can build goal setting skills. Setting goals is the number one tool for building positive direction in life. Zoom Language promotes the skill of setting goals. This is accomplished from the assignment of thinking and tracking, and then recording the degree of success from the goal. This process builds dedication to setting goals and increases the volume of a goal's success. 


Move away from daily challenges, and go from "hope" situations to ones of opportunity!

Plus... goal setting can assist in thinking creatively!


Print and keep this cover page as a reminder of why daily challenges remain daily challenges.


Click image to enlarge and print!

Thousands of successful people have success because they rely on the return offered by setting goals, and you could too!

Simple as 1...2...3

First (morning): Set a goal.

Second (throughout the day):  Review the goal.

Third (end of the day):  Score yourself; change direction or stay the course!

Analyzing and solving everyday challenges can be greatly influenced by the skill of goal setting.

The ZOOM Language Program includes:

  • ​A reminder cover page

  • An area to list weekly goals

  • A review-of-progress area

  • An area to score your accomplishments

  • An area to track the progress of goals

  • 12 goal pages (one per month)

Graduation Hat Throw
"Training oneself to master success starts with the skill of goal setting."
Joseph Montante, Executive Director 
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