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Flashcards for Success Program

The Flashcard Program, a series of flashcards with positive messages on them, is dedicated to motivating your mind to study and learn by practicing retaining knowledge.  From a very young age, we understand the importance of victory from learning.  So this program utilizes a framework that thousands of students have used and proved successful.

How it works

The First Place Association's Flashcard Program is loaded with key phrases and words, and serves as a self-development framework.  This formula is used by thousands of successful individuals.

It includes:

  • Key Phrases which build positive image

  • Words that provide image enhancement

  • "Must-have" thoughts for challenging times

The Science

The key behind learning is stimulating our metacognitive process.  In this system, that means that when looking at the answer side of a flashcard to see if your answer is correct, you are basically saying to yourself, "Was my answer right?" or, "How close was I to the right answer?"  This technique of self-review is the metacognitive process; it pushes memories deeper into the base of knowledge.


When you look at the front side, or the question side, of the flashcard, and you visualize the answer associated with that question, you are engaging focus known as mental active recall.  This process is proven to be more effective than other learning methods such as multiple-choice studying.


Furthermore, flashcards allow for a non-structured learning situation, as opposed to a structured one such as book format.  This process allows you to break away from the monotonous process of sifting through pages of text for the things that stand out, and instead allows you to give an attention to the important content from the start.  This technique has been used for decades and has proven to greatly improve memory capability.  


With the science behind the flashcard method, and the important text on the cards in this program, a positive, driven mindset can help you achieve new goals.

"Building knowledge is a magnet for self-development and can offer visions that become a reality of greatness."
James Spatafore, Director of Media communications
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