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This program is a platform for building positive thoughts. It offers a way to compete with the daily negatives which teens encounter each day.  Today, more than any other time in history, teens require methods to make right decisions. The heavy weight from daily negativity creates an environment for unthinkable acts.

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Examples could include messages from TV, movies, music, video games, family issues, strained friendships, the list is endless.

 FACT: In order to cause positive change, negative messages need to be decreased, and positive ones  increased.

Studies* found that 85% of "mental input" absorbed daily is negative, whereas a minuscule 10% or LESS is positive.

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Success from the Positive Signage Program is possible because of a designed statement  and the science of color and design. 

How this program works:

Using various posters and magnets designed with key positive statments and images, the amount of positive messages a person takes in throughout a day is increased. 

There are a series of 6 posters and 6 magnets that are rotated throughout one year. These posters can cause an increase in positivity and can improve the decision-making process. This can lead to more positive results. One poster is put up at a time on the teens bedroom door OR in the teens bedroom. One Magnet ONLY is put up on the refrigerator door.(the average visits to the refrigerator is 8 times a day which means the magnet is viewed 16 or more times.


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Analyzing and solving everyday challenges can be greatly influenced by the skill of goal setting.


This program is endorsed by:

  • Behavioral Management Specialists

  • Teachers

  • Clinical Psychologists

  • Parents

  • Juvenile Court Judges

  • Teens themselves

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What Professionals Are Saying


"As a licensed child psychologist and Behavioral Management Specialist for over 25 years, I know and see that daily negative messages are greatly adding to teen's stress, daily challenges and even 'no hope' answers. The Positive Signage Program is greatly needed."

--Martha E, Behavioral Management Specialist/Psychologist, Pennsylvania

​"Many teens are overwhelmed by negative daily messages. The Positive Signage Program offers great focus and is an efficacious tool."

--Maga Wade, Teacher, 26 years, Wyoming

Participant feedback can be found in Proven Success.

Positive-Signage~~element93.jpg can YOU get this program?

Simply donate $30 or more to receive all 6 posters and 6 magnets!  

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The Positive Signage Program

Positive Signage works to REDUCE and CHANGE big negatives into BIG POSITIVES.

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